What is Privacy?

Privacy is the theme of this blog. But what is privacy?

Each of us has an intuitive feeling about what privacy is. We know when someone has invaded our privacy. Maybe someone entered your room without knocking and receiving your permission to enter. That’s a physical invasion of your privacy. Perhaps someone you know obtained personal facts about you behind your back, such as how much money you made last year, and posted that information online without your knowledge and consent. That’s an invasion of your right to protect your personal information. In either case, you don’t like it, but what can you do about it?

An invasion of privacy can cause us to experience many emotions, including anger and resentment. It’s easy to experience an invasion of privacy as a feeling, but it can be difficult to put that experience into words. The ability to describe what you don’t like about an invasion of your privacy is likely essential to putting a stop to the invasive behavior.  The case of Prince Albert v. Strange illustrates an invasion of privacy and what Prince Albert did about it.

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